Itemsets are used to provide articles according to different criterias. They contain a lot of parameters to decide which articles are present in the itemset and which are not.

You can manage (add, edit, delete) all your itemsets in the tab "Itemset" of the dashboard.

Add an itemset

Here is how it looks when you click on 'add an itemset' :

Add an itemset

As you can see, there are a lot of parameters that you can configure, here is what they do :

  • Name : The name of the itemset to identify it
  • Limit article age : Whether or not we limit the age of the article and if yes how many hours


  • Articles should have ALL categories : Whether or not the article should be not in at least one but all categories
  • Categories : The categories that the article should be in


This part sets rules that the article must verify in order to be in the itemset. There are four patterns that the article URL should or should not verify. You can use these patterns to create your rules.
For example if you want the URL of your article to NOT contains the string "/home", you can set the following rule :
The itemset must not contains articles which URL contains "/home"

Your existing rules for the itemset are listed below the form.


For this part, you can define mandatory metadatas. The articles with this metadata (the content doesn't matter) will be included in the itemset, others won't.

Then, you can define rules (just like for URLs) to select articles according to the value of their metadatas.


Be careful with these rules, they can cause conflicts between themselves, resulting in an empty itemset.

Finally, you can see all your itemset listed.