It's possible to connect your facebook page to produce recommendations from its content. You need to add your page in the "Social networks" tab in the dashboard. Then, fill in the different given fields : Add facebook page interface

Application ID & Secret

Create an application linked to your Facebook account here

Then, go the application settings to get the application ID and secret.

ID or page name

Simply enter the name of your Facebook page or its ID if you know it.

User token

This token allows Mediego to have permanent access to your page. To get it, go here and connect to your facebook account if needed. Select your app in the red rectangle. API facebook interface Then, click on "Get token" and "Get user token". Check that "manage_pages" is checked and confirm. The token should be generated in the "access token" field, just copy-paste it in the last field of the dashboard and click confirm.

If all went well, you should see your page listed.